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How To Join

Thank you for your interest in the Spokane Area Youth Choirs. We are a performing art choral organization, committed to providing a unique musical experience where artistic expression and appreciation are developed. Our comprehensive program is designed for young people ages 7-18. During our placement interview, we seek to discover as much as possible about your child’s musical potential. We realize that at this point in a child’s life, few children have highly developed musical skills. Parents can prepare their children by assuring them they will enjoy the experience. No other preparation is necessary.

Why Sing?

  • Singing is an art form that can be done anywhere, requires no expensive instruments and can be done by almost everyone.
  • Studies have documented health benefits resulting from singing, including increased antibodies, lowered stress hormones, and improved lung function.
  • Test scores indicate that music students perform better on math, science and language arts assessments.
  • Research indicates physical changes to the brain from music study, particularly to the left side of the brain and areas devoted to language and reasoning.
  • Performing music builds self-confidence and a sense of teamwork.
  • Concepts learned through singing include self-discipline and the value of sustained effort leading to excellence.

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